About Us

  • Guide Natura was established in 2000 by Hansi Gelter, CEO, Nature Guide, PhD. in Biology, & Professor in Experienc Production and adventurer, with the aim to share the expertise and experiences of Hansi.
  • Our philosophy: Highest responsibility four our guests and the environment and to maximize your nature experience while minimizing the environmental impact.
  • Our mission: Trough education and tourism contribute to a better world according to Agenda 21 >> 
  • Our motto is "transforming nature to experiences" by co-created and transforming experiences, based on the chararacter of the seven seasons of our northern environment.
  • Our goal is to share the happiness of being in nature and the excitement to discover the mysteries of nature.
  • We also want to share the calmness and well-being effect of our subarctic nature.
  • We promote transformative learning experiences about nature, in nature, trough nature, from nature and for nature.
  • We are engaged locally and globally for the environment and Corporate Social Responsibility for a better world.
  • We work hard on improving our busness quality and are Tour Quality Certified. 
  • Our loggo >> - the old range marker, summerises our mission to safely guide our guests into our nature and its secrets. 
  • Our Team >> - we are coporating with excellent skilled nature guides.

Our Environmental Policy

  • We strive to actively improv our environmental work and environmental engagement.
  • We are member of the Swedish Ecotourism Association >> and certified as Nature´s Best >>  ecotourism company.
  • We support WWF >> and the Swedish Nature Protection Association>> (SNF).
  • We participate in local and global environmental protection.
  • All our transports are CO2-neutral by CO2-offset.
  • We only use eco-friendy certfied products.
  • We use eco-friendly transportations and vehicles.
  • We leave no tracks in nature - except our fotprints and memorable experiences.
  • We aim to inspire environmental counsiousness and responsinility.
  • We regularly test our environmental inpact and ecological fotprint.
  • Our co-workers shall be aware of our environmerntal policy and environmental values and activily contribute to sustainability.
  •  We follow the guidelines of the International Ecotourism Society - Codes of Conduct >>
  • We started the Facebook group "Håll Bottensvikens Skärgård Ren!" (Keep out Bothnia Bay Archipelago Clean!)
  • Read more about Läs mer om hållbart hav här: The Eco Friendly Ocean Guide: Ways to Sustain Oceans and Sealife >>

Our Sustainable engagement

We striver to contribute to a better world for coming generations. We do this by contributing to the transformation of our world to a better place to live for people and living creatures.
We aim to do this by working for the 17 Sustainable Development goals 2015-2030, read more  >>

CO2-offset of transportations

Guide Natura CO2-offset all transportations made by the company by boat, snowmobile or car/bus, both with guests as well as all backstage transportations.
We also encourage our guests to travel with lowest environmental impact and CO2-compensate their travel >>

We CO2-offset by tree plantations trough the Swedish Nature Conservation Association>> (SNF) or other organizations (Vi skogen). 

We try travel environmentally friendly by train or bus, and offset our longer traveling by SAS CO2-offset>>  or Climate Care>>

We regularly perform Carbon Footprinting>> and encourage our guests and suppliers to do the same.

Flying to remote destinations such as Arctic Europe and Swedish Lapland consumes a lot of CO2, and we hope that our guests are environmental concern and CO2 offset their traveling through Carbon Footprinting>> , SAS CO2-offset>>, Climate Care>> or other companies.

We use environmently friendly products

We use clothing, tenths and equipment primarily from  Fjällräven>>, a company with high quality and environmental friendly products, that also engage in sustainability work.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility work

We are also socially engaged for a better world:

  • We are locally engaged in tourism development by engagement in Visit Piteå (chairman)
  • We use if possible Fair Traid Products>>
  • We sponsor school children in Nepal trough Project Nepal>>
  • We sponsor Asphodel Public School>> in Katmandu, Nepal
  • We founded Hansi Gelter Award>> for excellent student development in Nepal
  • We are sponsoring and active in Swedish Sea Rescue Society in Piteå>>

Our Business practice


Guide Natura has been awardes as Swedens "Tour guide of the Year" 201 by Travel & Hospitality Award!

Learn about our Seven Seasons

We have developed the Seven Season Concept, which expresses the seasonal flavours of our Arctic nature, based on its changing light, and its core characteristics of seven contrasts of the seasons. Learn more >>

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Visiting address:
Studio Guide Natura, Renön, Piteå
Postal Address:
Lövgrundsvägen 93,
94141 Piteå, Sweden

Tel. (+46)  070- 6722109 

contact (at) guide-natura.com
Bankgiro: 774-5060

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