Midnight Sun of Swedish Lapland

The Arctic summer nights with the midnight sun - makes the tpolar areas a special place to experience in summer time. The seasaon of the Bright Summer when it never gets dark creats an mystic athmosphere to the nights of the north.

What is midnight sun?

Swedish Lapland is crossed by the Arctic Circle (66° 33'N) and Piteå lies only 1°22' (132 km) south of the arctic circle. The Arctic circle is not fixed due to tilts of the earth orbit, and moves 15 m per year northward (oscillate 2° over a 40,000-year period).

Above the Arctic Circle, which defines the Arctic, the sun can remain continuously above or below the horizon for twenty-four hours for at least one day. The midnight sun can, however, be seen 90 km (50′) south of the circle at summer solstice (midsummer) due to atmospheric refraction. We have therefore, in what also is called the subarctic, midnight light about 100 days characterising the bright summer nights of the north.

Where can I experience the midnight sun?

The true midnight sun you can only experience above the polar circle. But midnight sun light you can experience far below the polar circle. In the are of Piteå on southern Swedish Lapland, You can experience midnigh sun light during June and July, but the nights are getting bright already end of May.

Welcome to our magic summer nights!

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