Bothnia Bay Golden kavia safari

Experience the Vendance fishing of the "Kalix Löjrom" kaviar

You start the safari for the Gold of Bothnia Bay from Renöhamn, 7 km from Piteå. Here you meet your guide and get a introduction of the tour before you take of to the outer archipelago, where several fishing groups troll fopr the vendance.

The golden fall, the "rukska" of the north has taken its golden grip over the islands od the archipelsgo, and some days are sparkling sunny and exploding in the fall colors, while other days are covered in fog and snow blended rain.You can feel that summer is losing its grip and the winter is approaching. 

This time of the year the vendance is spawning in large schools in the sea between the islands, which attract large schools of goosander driving the fish shoal in front of them. A spectacular nature show.

But also the coastal fishermen have a few hectic weeks to harvest the gold of the Bothnia Bay,  the vendance and its golden caviar, the delicacy "Kalix löjrom".
From Renöhamn we take the boat into the Piteå archipelago, the southern part of the Bothnia By where the caviar of thevendance can be sold as the trademark "Kalix Löjrom". We head for some fishing boats that trawl between the islands of the archipelago.

We follow in close view the work on the fishing boats, lifting their catch, while the gulls gather around the fishing boat, and the sea eagle comes soaring to catch some vendance on the surface.
Having followed the hard work of the fishing boats harvesting the Bothnia Gold, we return to Renöhamn, where you can try to squeeze the roe, and then prepare your own lunch by grill the vendance over and open fire and taste a local traditional fisherman’s meal outdoors.

Information om turen

For whom: The tour is for you interested in the origin of  delicacy, and foddies loving good local food and want to find its origin, photographers and nature lovers who want to experienca a  unique fall nature experience.
Season: September- October
Departure dates: see booking calendar, or on agreement
With reservation for cancellation at improper weather - a Yellow Alert product.
Duration: 4 hours
Departure time: 8 am
Return: about 12 am
Departure place: Renöhamn, Piteå
Visiting Place: Coast of Swedish Lapland, Piteå
Number of guests: min. 4 persons, max.8 persons
Guided Boat tour 
- Guided seal safari
- Nature guide - biologist
- Binoculars
- Coffee/tea with island snacks
To Bring: warm cloth, wind protecting jacket, binoculars and camera.
Price: 1150 SEK


Tour will only be realized with 4 participants.


FFor information of the tour boat  M/B RENÖN,
see here >>

Kalix löjromis produced from roe  of the vendance.

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