Next Stopp... Relaxation!

Rent a coastal island cottage in our relaxing archipelago,
Slow down...disconect with everyday life, and connect,
with each other, and with nature.

Discover our secret retreats on the Islands of coastal Swedish Lapland. Here you can de-connect with everyday life, speed down, detox your mind and re-connect to each other and with nature. No electricity, simple living and the quiet sounds of Swedish Lapland with the rhythmical sounds of the waves and the wind together with forest sounds gives you a unique wellness experience of just living in the moment.

On the islands of Piteå archipelago, you can fish (its free), watch wildlife such as moose, deer or ocassional reindeers, do bird waching, in fall collect mushroms and wild berries, go swiming, hiking, and if you bring kayaks - explore the shores by kayak. You can also explore cultural remains from fishing and seal hunters siuch as labyrints. On the island there are dense prestine forets to explore. 

Our island cottages are located in the Koskäret nature reserve on the island of Vargön (Wolf island), at Stenbergsviken on the island of Mellerstön and on the island of Stor-Räbben.

Information about the cottage rental

Season: The cottages can be booked during February- April in winter season, and June - September in summer season.

Bookings: Single night during weekdays, and weekends Friday-Sunday only (not possible to bok a single night at weekends).

Prices: Prices are 650 SEK per night per cottages for up to 5-6 persons, and include 12% VAT (Tax). Weekends (friday - Sunday) 1300 SEK

Payment: at booking by credit card. Last minute booking by Swish or Credit card at Check-in. No cash.

Check-in: Check-In Time 1-2 pm, Check-Out 12 am-1 pm. Other times after agreement.
Keys are delivered at taxi-boat transfer, or at pick-up station at Renöhamn - Piteå Kayak Centre in coded boxes. The code will be send after booking confirmation.

To Bring: You must bring your own drinking and cooking water, and food for your whole stay.
You also have to bring bedding sheets and pillow cases or sleeping bags (in winter). These can also be rented by Guide Natura.

Cottage information and booking

More information about Vargön (Wolf island) cottages here >>

BOOK HERE Vargöstugan 1: Availability and booking by >>

BOOK HERE Vargöstugan 2: Availability and booking by >>

More information about  Mellerstön cottages here >>


BOOK HERE Mellerstön: Availability and booking by >>

More information about  Stor-Räbben cottages here >>


BOOK HERE Stor-Räbben: Availability and booking by >>

Piteå island cottages are on islands in the archipelago of Piteå, Coast of Swedish Lapland and the northern Baltic Sea. To reach the islands in summertime you need a boat.
If you don't have your own boat, you can book boat transfer by us here>>

We provide in winter time snowmobile transfer
to the island cottages

In winter time you need skis or a snowmobile to reach the cottages. You travel over frozen sea ice and must have the knowledge and equipment for safe travel on ice.
You can book winter transfer with snowmobile with us  here >>

For more information,
please, contact us.

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