Coastal and Boreal Bubble EcoRetreat

Imaging sleeping in the outdoor in forest or on the beach, but have the luxury of Glamping, without disturbance from wind or insects. A retreat where you deeply bound with nature.
Experience sleeping "outdoor" in the bright summer nights, or in the dark late summer or fall nights under the Northern light. A deluxe accommodation to savor a new form of well-being in the closest proximity to flora and fauna.

Our Bubble EcoRetreats in the Boreal forest

The Boreal Bubble Retreat will be located deeply in the boreal forest of the Subarctic Northern Sweden, where you can Fortest Bath both by day and night. The quiet sound of the boreal forest, the smell of trees and herbs of the forest, and still have the luxury of Glamping. A luxery Nature Experience beyond the common. 

Our Bubble EcoRetreats at the coast of Bothnia Bay

The Coastal Bubble Retreats will be located on the shore or on islands of the Bothnia Bay, Coast of Swedish Lapland. Here you can relax to the sigh and sound of the waves, smell the sea and enjoy the bright nights in the summer or dark nights of fall with the northern light abow your bed or sleep in the moon light. Your outdoor retreat experience with the luxery of Glamping.


Bubble EcoRetreats will open in 2021

The Bubble

Our bubble-rooms are made in France designed for an ecological approach to enable these light structures to be set up on savage and preserved sites without impacting the environment. 

Fabricated from recyclable material, the Bubbles are inflated by a silent turbine renewing, filtering and correcting the humidity level of the air.

The Concept is based on "Minimum energy—minimum material, Maximum comfort—maximum interaction with the environment"

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