Kayaking in the bright night

Experience the magic northern bright night by kayak

After a paddle introduction you enter your safe and stable kayak at the kayak center at Renöhamn, and glide out on the sea. We start paddling from the sunset into the blue hour, where the emerald blue sky meets the emerald blue sea.  Behind us the sunset sky and its reflection in the sea turns into a cascade of red, purple and pink.
The time is approaching midnight but the sun is till shining – you are now in the extended northern sunset that keeps the northern night bright and light. At this latitude, only 200 km from the polar circle, the sun just disappears under the horizon for a few minutes at midnight before the sunrise starts. As the sun approaches the horizon, we turn the kayaks towards the sun and are slowly gliding into the sunset.
We stop the kayaks and get immersed in this experience, taking in the subarctic atmosphere of this bright and colorful night. The silence of the northern wilderness, the colors of the sunset and the sea makes a majestic experience.  We are enclosed by the mystery of the bright night and the sounds of Swedish Lapland – the screaming quietness of this wilderness.

Information about the experience

Season: June
Departure dates: see booking callendar

With reservation for cancellation at improper weather
Duration: 4 hours, 4 km paddling
Departure time: 8 pm
Return: about 12 pm
Departure place: Renöhamn, Piteå
Visiting Place: Coast of Swedish Lapland, Piteå
Number of guests: min. 2 persons, max. 8 persons
Guided paddling tour, 
- Nature guide, Biologist
- Kayak with paddling gear 
- Coffee/tea with Island snacks




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We are eco-tourism certified as "Natures-Best" and follow the path of ecological, social and economical sustainability.

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