"Spintkaj" snorkeling experience

Explore from the water the historic remains of Piteå old sawmill industry

After a short boat tour from central Piteå, you enter the historical site where Piteå saw mill industry bloomed under the 1900th and 2000th century. Here you find Sweden’s longest “spintkaj”, a quay mad of wooden remains from sawmills, that is 7 km long! Here you also find the artificial “foursquare island” completely build from sawmill remains.
You dress up in dry suites, and snorkeling gear, and immerse yourself in the waters of the Piteå River. You are in the world of the river fishers where the old pike can lure and watch you from a hide, water plants oscillate rhythmically in the river current and perches take of when you slowly come floating across their stand. Also salmon and trout thrive in the river and may be seen.
You slowly snorkel along the wooden quay and remains from the log driving and sawmill era, exploring this historical world. Sank timber and even a sunken ship hides below the water surface.
After this immersion in the river world, you reenter our boat and enjoy hot drinks and river snacks.

Information about the experience

Season: July-September
Departure dates: see Booking calendar
Duration: 3 hours
Departure time: 8 am
Return: about 11 am
Departure place: Västra Kajen Camping, Piteå, 5 minutes walking from central Piteå
Visiting Place: Inre fjärden, Piteå River, Piteå
Number of guests: min. 2, max. 6 persons
Conditions:  You must be able to swim 200 meters
Minimun age: 12 years
Boat tour
- Dry suite
- Snorkeling gear
- Snorkeling guide – biologist
- Warm drink and River snacks



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