Island labyrinth safari

Experience the old mystical labyrinths along the coast

After an exciting boat tour from Renöhamn, passing islands with beautiful summer houses and fisherman’s huts in the inner archipelago, you reach the remote and unpopulated wilderness of the outmost island, where the sea eagle roam and on island you find, moose, deer, reindeers and even brown bears.
Here you land at a lovely old fishing village with several hundred-year-old fishing cottages. The island has been an important seal hunting and fishing area for over thousand years, and archeological remains tell us the stories of their hard life.
Here you also find mystical remains of these early hunters – the mythological labyrinths that are placed strategically in the island landscape. You walk through the moorland-like landscape of the island, and may hear howling grey seals from a colony nearby, when you suddenly stumble over the labyrinth. You immerge in the experience of this historical landscape, in your mind visualizing the two kilometers of ice above your head some ten thousand years ago, and later how the island over thousands of years’ rise from the sea like a titan of rock rising from the water. You try to visualize how the seals used to roast on the first rocks emerging from the sea, and how the first hunters arriving to find a living from the area. You later return to the open fire place at the fisherman’s village where warm drinks and island snacks awaits you.

Information about the experience

Season September
Departure dates: see Booking calendar
Duration: 4 hours
Departure time: 3 pm
Return: about 7 pm
Departure place: Renöhamn, Piteå
Visiting Place: Coast of Swedish Lapland, Piteå
Number of guests: min. 2, max. 12 persons
- Guided Boat tour from Renöhamn to outermost Islands of the Archipelago 
- Guided island tour in search of labyrinths
- Weather protective clothing if necessary 
- Island snacks and warm drinks



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