Cross Country Skate Rental

Rental basic package - for outdoor ice skating arenas

If you are going to skate on Piteå Ice Arena or some other safe outdoor skating rink or arenas, our basic package is perfect for testing of cross country ice skating. 
You need stable hiking-, winter- or skiing boots for best performance. They must have a hard sole and be stable over the ankle. Soft pumps will not work.
OBS!  Shoes are NOT included in the rental.
The basic package include Skyllemark Birka skates and ice-prods (awls), that always should be used.
We have four pair skates for rental at Västa Kajen (see below).
Price: 175 SEK /day

For Booking or more information, Please, contact us.

Rental skate pickup at Västa Kajen

After booking and payment (below) you pick up your rental skates at Västra Kajen; Central Piteå. Confirmation of your rental gives you the combination number to the combination lock nr 2 in the yellow storage, at storage house no 8b. Here you fill a rental contract with instructions.
Google Maps location >> 


Rental Safety package - for cross country skating on sea ice

If you are going to scate on lake or sea ice, you need full safety equipment, and knowledge how to use it. Never go on the sea ice by yourselves or with inferiors equipment or knowledge.
The Safety package includes:
- 1 pair Nordic cross country scates
- 1 pair of ice prods (awls)
- 1 Safety boyancy backpack
- 1 pair of ice-pounch poles
- 1 trow-line
- maps & compass
Price: 550 SEK/day
Equipment must be picket up at Renöhamn, Piteå, Google Maps >>


On natural ice, you need full safety equipment.

Cross Country skating Safty

When skating on natural sea and lake ices you must consider KEC - Knowledge, Equipment and Company.
KNOWLEDGE: If you are going to skate on natural sea and lake ices you must have respect, knowledge and experiences. Otherwise you should skate with experienced company.
EQUIPMENT: You must always have security equipment on natural sea and lake ices: Awls, ice punch-pole, throw-line and buoyancy-backpack with change of clothes stuffed in a dry bag.
COMPANY: Take always two buddies equipped with complete safety equipment so they can assist you at an accident.
Always have new cut and good skates with bindings that fit and adjusted to your boots.
Wear awls with a whistle round your neck
You should have an ice punch-pole (or ski poles) to assess the thickness of the ice. Ski poles or a double punch-pole give you additional power against the wind. The ice punch-pole must be able to penetrate 5 cm thick ice to indicate weaker ice. Avoid week ice of 2-3 cm or less.
Never skate alone on natural sea or lake ices; you should be at least three persons skating together.
You should always wear a backpack as it will function as a personal floating device if you get into the water. The backpack must be equipped with securer looped strap round your waist to function as a PFD. In the backpack you keep a dry bag stuffed with a set of change of clothes in case you fall into water and get wet.
You must carry a throw rope easily accessible to be able to quickly rescue your buddy that has broken though the ice. Practice throwing the rope before going skating. 
Always bring your map and compass and if possible, a GPS, as the weather can change very quickly to dense fog. Orientation among the island in the archipelago can be difficult without map and compass so you must know how to use them.
We also recommend knee-protection to prevent knee injuries from a fall on the ice, and a helmet for head protection.
 Additional safety equipment:
- Mobile phone in waterproof pocket to alarm an accident or to calm relatives when delayed.
- Flashlamp/headlamp if you get delayed an it gets dark.
- Thermos with warm drink and food.
- Water or other drink to prevent dehydrogenization.
- Sunglasses that protect against cold winds and with polarized glasses that facilitate assessing the ice quality.
- Gloves that protect during a fall on the ice
- Helmet (especially for kids) if you hit the ice.
- Extra pair of skates if you are going for a longer skating tour or with a larger group.
- Properly dressed for protection against wind, coldness and wetness.
- Warm break-clothing such as down jacket or fleece jacket.
- First Aid kit (band aid, etc.).
- Repair tools kit if bindings break.
- Wind bag (when you have to change for dry clothes).
- Matches to make a warming fire.
- Toilet paper (Be ware of where you do your needs - always burn your used toilet paper).
Always respect the Swedish Allemansrätten - Right of public access, and its restrictions.

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