Kayak Rental

K1 Basic kayak rental at Västra Kajen, Piteå

At our Västra Kajen branch in Piteå you can rent kajaks for shorter day- or weekend trips. Our kayaks are very stable and easy to paddle, perfect for beginners or leisure paddling.
Our Basic package consists of:
1 K1 kayak Rainbow Oasis Expedition kajaker (5 available)
1 paddle
1 spray skirt
1 life jacket (Marin Pool)
1 Water proof bag
Water proof maps
Half Hay (6h):            400 SEK
Full Day (12 h):          500 SEK
Overnight (24h):         750 SEK
Weekend (Fri-Sun):   1800 SEK
Week (7 days):        2 400 SEK
You are not allowed to paddle in white water with our equipment.

K1 full package kayak rental, Renöhamn. Piteå

At our Renöhamn branch, 7 km outside Piteå, you can rent a full sea kayaking package for day tours, weekend and week-long advanced tours. Our kayak are very comfortable and easy to paddle.
The Full K1 Package consists of: 
K1 kayak Wilderness Systems Tempest 170
1 paddle
1 spray skirt
1 life Jacket (Artistic Guide Pro) 
Water proof bags 
1 paddlefloat
water pump
Maps and compass
Day (12h):               700 SEK
Overnight (24h)        950 SEK
Weekend (Fri-Sun) 2 000 SEK
Week (7 days)       3 800 SEK
You are not allowed to paddle in white water with our equipment.
For BOOKING, please contact us with the booking form below. 

For BOOKING or more information, Please, contact us.

Rental conditions

By paying and signing your booking, you agree to the following rental conditions, which follow the rental conditions of the Swedish Canoe Association:

Rental times:
Half day: 
morning until 12, or afternoon 12-6om, or evening 6 pm to 1 am
Full day: monrning - evening (not over night)
Weekend: Friday morning - Sunday evening
Week: 7 full days

General rental Conditions:
- You must be able to swim 200 m
- You must all time while paddling wear pdf
- You posse necessary paddling skills for safe use of equipment
- You must be over 18 years old
- You obligate to follow the rental instructions
We can deny you rental in case of inappropriate behaviour or affected by drugs or alcohol. 
- In case of you breaking any laws, we can wiithdraw rental equipment.
- We expect you to follow regulations and laws at sea, and using sense of conduct at sea
- We expect you to follow the regulation od "Right of public access" and shows the uttermost respect to nature and humans.
- Rental equipment must be returned well cleaned and in original conditions.  Un-cleaned kayaks will be charged 850 SEK extra.
- At late return, we will charge you 500 SEK for 2-4 hours late, and 700 SEK for more them 4 hours late.
- By signing the rental contract, you agree that Guide Natura save your personal data according to our Privacy Policy and GDPR.

Responsibility and insurance
- All paddling with rental kayaks are by regulation regarded as driving a recreational boat, and under its jurisdiction, thus completely under the responsibility of the renter and at own risk.
- Guide Natura cannot in any way be made responsible for any accident, damage or other situation created by the renter while renting the equipment of Guide Natura.
- In case of damage or theft or rental equipment while renting, the renter has liability to indemnify for any damaged or lost equipment according to:
Kayak Oasis K1: 8500 SEK
Kayak Tempest K1: 15000 SEK
Kayak Atlantis K2 18000 SEK
PDF MarinPool/Artistic 500 SEK/1200 SEK
Spray deck 500 SEK
Paddle 850 SEK
- Guide Natura holds no insurances for the renter, so you must have your own responsibility and accident insurance to cover damages or lost rental equipment.

Safe paddling
- Make sure you paddle safe at your skill level
Follow safe routs, use our kayak routs >
- Do not paddle alone, unless you are a very experienced paddler
- Avoid crossing big waters, flollow the shore line
- Make sure you have checked weather conditions
- Wear proper clothing for the activity and season
- Be aware of the very cold waters during early (April-June) and late (September-November) seasons - wear dry suite in cold waters (rental by us).
More about paddling safety here>>
Read more safety tips by the Swedish Canoe Association>, or download the brochure:

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Visiting address:
Studio Guide Natura, Renön, Piteå
Postal Address:
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94141 Piteå, Sweden

Tel. (+46)  076-1359111

contact (at) guide-natura.com
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