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Our tours and activities are based on the concept of "Safari" -  "wilderness expeditions" into the nature of the north. Instead of the traditional big game hunting safaris of Africa - we hunt the nature experience with our senses and with our cameras. "Safari" meaning "jurney" - Guide Natura will take you on a nature jurney where the experience of the northern nature is in focus. We are specialised in experiences at the Coast of Swedish Lapland - the northernmost archipelago of Bothia Bay, just south of the polar circle. Here the changing light of the north creats Seven seasons >> giving fantastic contrasts during the year.

Sparkling Spring

Bright Summer

Bright night kayaking

Safari hunt for the magic northern brigt night

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Dusky Summer

Colorful Fall

Dark Fall

Night kayaking

Paddle into the dark night and experience the northern sky

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Dark Winter

Boreal Snowshoe wildlife tracking 

Experience northern boreal wildlife by their tracks

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Ice Skating by night

Experience the sky and Northern lights on cross-country skates
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Bright Winter

Coastal Snowshoe wildlife tracking 

Experience northern coastal wildlife by their tracks

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Arctic ice kayaking

Safari hunt for the Arctic spring ice - the easy way

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Our Seven Season Concept

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