River Beaver safari

Explore by canoe the land of the river beavers

In the bright evening, we enter our canoes and slowly drift with the current of the Piteå River, looking for the shy beavers along the river banks. This second-largest rodent in the world, live in small family groups in their “lodge” homes with underwater entrances along the river bank.
Between the steep riverbanks, where bank-swallows nest, we can see beaver canals where they transport the harvested branches from their cut trees. As the evening gets darker we may encounter beaver felling a tree or if we get to close to a swimming beaver, we may hear them slapping the water with their broad tail as an alarm call to the other beavers.
Before it gets dark, we land on a small river island to rest, take some “river snacks” and listen to the evening sounds of the river and the surrounding forest.

Information about the experience

Season: August
Departure Dates: see Booking calendar
Duration: 3 hours,
Distance: 6 km paddling
Departure time: 7 pm
Return: about 10 pm
Departure place: Tourist Center, Piteå
Visiting Place: Piteå River
Number of guests: min. 2, max. 6 persons
-Guided paddling tour
-Kayaks/Canoes with paddling gear 
-Weather protective clothing (rain caps) if necessary 
-Coffee/tea with River snacks


Tour will only be realized with 2 participants.


For more information, please, contact us.

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