Seal safari - Swim with wild seals

Experience wild seals in their own natural element

Your seal experience start at the charming Renöhamn wharf, 7 km outside the town of Piteå, were your guide welcome you and take you onboard our comfortable boat M/B RENÖN. After a safety and program introduction we start your tour to the seals passing island with beautiful summerhouses and fisherman´s cottages in the inner archipelago, to the outermost unsettled wilderness islands where moose, reindeer and even brown bear roam. The sea eagle is frequently seen in the area, rich in sea birds.

At the seal area you will find numerous of grey seals roosting on rocks just beneath the water, giving an impression they are lying on the water. You hear them grunt and growl, while others are singing and howling almost as wolfs, giving a natural explanation to the mythological singing Sirens, the dangerous beautiful creatures, who lured sailors with their voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their islands. Also in this area, there are many old shipwrecks.
Around the boat the heads of curious seals glance at you, until they slowly sink back in the water, to pop up somewhere else. Now you enter their world. Dressed with dry suits and snorkeling gear you meet the seals in their own environment – in the sea. From the boat you swim a short distance before the seals curiously approaches you looking at you from both above and below the water, without getting too close. They will curiously look at you, and if you get lucky, they may pass you at closer distance.
After this close encounter with these northern seals, we have a taste of the coastal Swedish Lapland snacks. On the way back, you may be lucky to see the rear Northern Harbor seal, a relic from the Ice age who has survived in these northern waters of the Baltic Sea.

Information about the experience

Season: July-August
Departure dates: see Booking calendar
With reservation for cancellation at improper weather
Duration: 4 hours
Departure time: 8 am
Return: about 12 am
Departure place: Renöhamn, Piteå
Visiting Place: Coast of Swedish Lapland, Piteå
Number of guests: min. 2, max. 4 persons
Conditions:  You must be able to swim 200 meters
Minimum age 15 (size S om dry suite).
- Guided Boat tour from Renöhamn to outermost Islands of the Archipelago 
-Guided seal safari
- Dry suite and snorkeling gear (sizes S to XL)
- Coffee/tea with island snacks


Tour will only be realized with 2 participants.


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