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From mid-July, the evenings get darker and from August we start to sense the approaching dark winter nights. In the Dusky Summer, nature has become silent except for the begging calls of the now grown up nestlings born earlier in the summer. The flower flourish and the first wild berries ripe. Our northern berries such as the yellow cloudberries and the by Carl von Linné loved arctic bramble (Rubus arcticus) give us a sensational taste of Swedish Lapland. The sea, lakes and rivers are now inviting for swimming while the first starts appear on the darkening night sky. We can now experience the interconnectedness with the more then human world and discover the restoring power of Friluftsliv.
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What´s on right now:

Rent an island cottage:
Choose one of our four island cottages on Vargön, Mellerstön or Stor-Räbben and experience the calmnes of the island life.

Rent a kayak:
Rent a kayak for the day or for longer trips and get a close-to-water-experience of our arkipelago.

Seal safari:
Experiemce wild seals in their own environment by joining our seal safari to the reals resting places.
You can even swim with the wild seals.